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Clips and Straps (Pictured above) is one of the most common items that will qualify a home for a discount on insurance. Most all homes built in the Tampa Bay Area after about 1960 or so will have this item. Typical savings for this feature range anywhere from 10-20% on the windstorm portion of your policy.

Hip roofs (top), Shutters (bottom left) and Secondary Water Barriers (bottom right) are some other items which you can receive a discount for on your homeowners insurance. Typical savings for these items range anywhere from 7-35% discount on the windstorm portion of your insurance policy.

Don’t Miss Your Chance to Save Money!

Don’t make the mistake of passing on a wind mitigation inspection. It sounds too good to be true to many of people who have never heard of this program before. For a minimal fee you could be saving hundreds or thousands of dollars on your homeowners insurance for the next 5 years! A wind mitigation inspection is a simple inspection performed in less than an hour verifying the wind mitigating features your home has. We then report those features to your insurance company and they are required by Florida State Law to provide you with a discount on your homeowners insurance. Its really that simple. Call today to schedule an inspection and see the savings your insurance agent didn’t want to tell you about. 727-278-5148

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If you are in need of a Wind Mitigation Inspection in the St. Petersburg, FL area you have come to the right place. Please explore the website for more info, or if your ready to schedule an inspection, call: 727-278-5148

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